Why Use White Papers?

Frequently used to sell software in business-to-business (B2B) sales, white papers are meant to serve the prospective customer by illuminating a problem and arguing for a specific solution. The use of facts and logic over a blatant sales pitch can help instill trust in the company.

In the world of law and government particularly, judges, court officials and attorneys must trust individual companies to do business with those companies. Thus, for a company selling technology or services to the judicial system, a white paper can be one of the most persuasive tools in its marketing toolkit as the white paper can position the company as a trusted advisor to the court.

Typically, white papers are between 6-12 pages in length.  They generally take at least two weeks to write—and maybe a month or more—depending on the number of interviews to be conducted and reviewers to be consulted.  White papers do take some time and money, but they are effective for qualifying leads, closing sales, and breaking new ground in thinking about how technology can help the legal system.

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