Links for Legal Research

Legal Dictionary/Encyclopedia

Wex (Legal Information Institute legal dictionary and encyclopedia in English)

Wex (Legal Information Institute legal dictionary and encyclopedia in Spanish)

Beginning Legal Research

Legal Information Institute (LII at Cornell University Law School)

Guide to Law Online (Law Library of Congress) (U.S. Law, plus International Law and Law of Other Nations)

Legal Research Guides (Law Library of Congress)

Federal Laws and Courts

U.S. Constitution

U.S. Supreme Court

Oyez Project (Audio Recordings of U.S. Supreme Court Cases) (Chicago-Kent College of Law)

PACER (The PACER Case Locator is a national index for U.S. District, Bankruptcy, and Appellate Court files)

Federal Laws (Including U.S. Code and Code of Federal Regulations) (Legal Information Institute)

Federal Courts System and Decisions, Including Federal Court Rules (Library of Congress Law Library)

Understanding the Federal Courts (Federal legislative Information: who is in Congress, how a bill becomes a law, pending bills, etc.)

U.S. Government Portal (All branches of government: agencies, services, etc.)

U.S. Sentencing Guidelines Commission (Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Criminal Law)

Law of U.S. States and Territories

Law of U.S. States and Territories

State Legislature Websites

International, Comparative and Human Rights Law


Human Rights Research FAQs (Columbia University Law School Library)

Information on Court Effectiveness

National Center for State Courts (Information on issues affecting state courts)

Federal Judicial Center (Information on federal courts in general)

Pro Se Litigants (litigants without attorneys)–Resources by State (American Bar Association)